11 advantages of an Applicant
  • » With the help of CvSpace you will have access to job offers from all over the world because website’s employers’ geography is not limited to only the country you live in.
  • » You can publish your CV completely anonymously, i.e. the information that can identify you will be hidden if you wish and it’s up to you to become entirely visible to employers.
  • » Even if you already have a job, with the help of CvSpace you can get even higher-paying and prestigious job.
  • » Once you’re registered, you begin receiving offers and can decide yourself whether to answer the offer or to delete it.
  • » Without half-words and restraints you can find out how much money other employers are ready to pay you.
  • » It is no more necessary to pass through humiliating interviews and beg for an increase of salary, from now on you are the one who choose and not the one being chosen
  • » All incoming job offers are checked thoroughly by CvSpace audit service for fraud in order to minimize the possibility of deception.
  • » Your CV has its own internet address on the CvSpace portal – you will always have access to it regardless of which place of the world you are currently in.
  • » Use CvSpace to change your job or residence – in the preference section you can choose professions and countries that are preferable to you.
  • » When you receive an offer from an employer, you can see other people that have also received the same offer. You have a possibility to discuss the offer with other candidates.
  • » So that you could receive even more offers from employers we made searching in CvSpace register absolutely free for employers!
11 advantages of an Employer
  • » Search of employees in CvSpace register is free of charge! No trial periods and use restrictions.
  • » The majority of CVs placed here are CVs from working specialists.
  • » Searching an employee in CvSpace register is the best opportunity to headhunt a specialist in civilized way.
  • » Internet knows no borders that is why in CvSpace register you can always find specialists from all over the world that are ready to work in your country
  • » With CvSpace you can always be sure that your employees are not overpaid.
  • » You can find a candidate by more than 30 criteria.
  • » Contact an applicant directly, without intermediaries.
  • » Your offers are sent to the chosen applicants.
  • » CvSpace is the place where professionals pay to get job offers, it is the best confirmation that their intentions are serious.
  • » CvSpace controls applicant’s reaction on every job offer sent: you will see how many candidates viewed your offer, who accepted or declined it.
  • » You may adjust your offer by the statistics result – may be you offer is not so attractive if nobody accepts it.

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