About the project

It is considered that searching for another job while being employed is not ethic enough, moreover it is rather problematic as you as you need some time out to have an interview, besides you have to think of different reasons for that and it is difficult to keep your search in secret.

Sooner or later everybody of us begins to think whether your work is paid properly or it could be appreciated higher in some other place.

How and where can you get the answer?

Is it fairly that recruiting companies demand money from an employer for searching for a specialist when the result is sometimes doubtful and you are compelled to make a compromise and hire a unqualified candidate?

The portal CvSpace is created to solve two main problems:

  • on the one hand, to help an experienced specialist present himself anonymously at the real labor market;
  • on the other hand, to give the opportunity for an employer to get acquainted with CVs free of charge and suggest the candidate conditions that are hard to deny

It is much easier to find a better job when you have got one.
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