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What is the difference between CvSpace and other CV databases?

CvSpace register is a pioneer that opens the labor market for employers since the employee search in the database is absolutely free for employers. This means that a potential employer will address the CvSpace register in the first place where he won’t have to pay for the search.
It also needs to be mentioned that keeping CV in the register is absolutely free for an employee.
However there is a minimal fee for CV publication in order to cover expenses for service provision and to separate active job seekers from passive ones. This way CV register remains up-to-date – those who paid for publication are the ones that are extensively looking for job. This means that as opposed to other CV databases that lost their topicality long ago, CvSpace register always contains only the most current CVs from the employees that are ready to change their workplace.

Why shouldn’t I disclose my name, surname, telephone number and other personal information in my CV right away?

There is a number of reasons for it.
First of all the employer examines what profit can the employee bring him and only then, if the employee provoked his interest, he tries to contact him. If you are an invaluable professional, then you’ll be contacted in order that is set on CvSpace portal. If you wrote nothing valuable in the foreground of your CV but about your preferences and contact details, then most probably you’ll receive a lot of spam on your email instead of job offers. Furthermore by writing your contact details where they are open to everyone you violate the rules of CvSpace portal and your CV can be deleted from the register.
Secondly your personal information will be sent to the employer only then when you accept his job offer. In order to lower the risk of receiving a job offer from unfair employer CvSpace audit service checks all registered employers and every job offer they make. Mind, your CV is open to everybody, criminals as well, who can obtain your data for: 1) Introducing by your name; 2) Spamming you; 3) Calling you in order to sell something, etc. Keep your personal data in a secured place - CV "Personal data" section.
And finally third, CvSpace is registered in Data State Inspectorate with number 001198, according to the Personal Data Protection Law (http://www.dvi.gov.lv/eng/legislation/pdp/) and observe LR laws that provide preserving confidential private information. Therefore, the CVs are first presented impersonal and contact information is granted upon employee’s request and only by approbation of the employer.

What should I write in my CV resume?

Your photo and CV resume – are most important things of your CV, as exactly they are shown as a result of search and according to it the employee takes a decision whether to look through your CV or not. You should better include your skills and achievements which can attract employees’ attention. Here are some questions that can help you to make your CV resume:
1) what you have achieved at your last job, it means how you have improved the work of the company you worked for?;
2) what strains helped you to come to these achievements?;
3) if you study then inform of the profile of your education and the results and certificates and so on.

Why the list of industries and occupations are needed? Why can’t I simply mention my profession?

We standardized the list of industries and occupations in order to:
а) to exclude misinterpretations of the occupations in different countries;
б) translate titles sufficiently into foreign languages, as is customary in EU countries;
c) avoid slang that employers may not have understood.
Nevertheless, in the section «Notes» you can type the explanation of the occupied position, industry, job experience etc.

What does "CV publication" mean, what is paid for?

CvSpace register works the same way as publications and announcements of searching a job in newspapers, but in contradistinction to newspapers, CvSpace covers the geography of the whole EU. While periodicals rarely go outside the borders of the country, and if it does – the cost of the announcement will be much more expensive.
Paying for the CV publication for a certain time, you entrust CvSpace with:
1) showing a CV in CvSpace register search results;
2) show your CV to everyone at unique Internet address (URL);
3) optimize your CV for Internet search engines and submit your CV to Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc.;
4) to inform the employers about every new CV;
5) to use the other "know-how" methods of notification of potential employers.
The quantity of unique and repeated visiting is registered and placed in the information panel on the left side in "My CV" section.
CvSpace register has irrefutable benefits in the length of the time and size of the published information. Your CV includes the history of your carrier and the period of publication (3 months and more) is more than enough for solving the problem of changing the job.

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